Investing in the digital economy


The Pinnacle of Investing

Expert Level Knowledge

Our company has immense technical aptitude in blockchain, distributed systems, real estate, and trading stratagies.

X-ceed Projections

Our projections lean on the side of caution, allowing us to outperform them instead of underperforming.

Low Fees

The Capital X Fund has some of the lowest fees for both our clients and for those who delegate to our masternodes.

Secure and Safe

We handpick every coin in our portfolio and store most of our funds in cold storage. All of our servers are only accessible by trusted individuals.


What Are Cryptocurrencies

Cyrptocurrencies are the money for a new kind of internet. They utilize peer to peer networks to operate with no central authority whether that be a country or company. This enables many kinds of products to be developed (from video streaming to private messaging) without risk of censorship, theft of private information, or downtime. Cryptocurrencies put the control of your money and information back into your hands.


Portfolio Highlights


Past performance is not indicative of future results


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