What are Cryptocurrencies?

Cyrptocurrencies are the money for a new kind of internet. They utilize peer to peer networks to operate with no central authority whether that be a country or company. This enables many kinds of products to be developed (from video streaming to private messaging) without risk of censorship, theft of private information, or downtime. Cryptocurrencies put the control of your money and information back into your hands.

Why do Cryptocurrencies have value?

Cryptocurrencies act like real currencies in that they can be spent to buy goods and services. However the way they differ from traditional currency is that they are entirely on the internet. In the same way that a shop may issue their own "currency" or "bonus points" that you can spend in their store, companies or people may create their own cryptocurrencies and give them value by limiting their number, requiring costly work in order to mine them, backing them with a real world item, etc.

Why do Cryptocurrency prices fluctuate so wildly? 

Since cryptocurrency is a new asset class, hundreds of thousands of people can decide to invest in just a few days. Such a rapid influx of capital causes prices to rise rapidly as demand outstrips supply. However as older investors see their profits reach such heights they eventually decide to sell and the selling triggers other investors to sell before they are at a loss. As the number of people investing in and using cryptocurrency becomes a larger percentage of the global population the markets will not be as volatile. The market over the long term will always grow because many coins have a fixed supply and the exponential growth of global wealth and population mean every coin will have to constantly encapsulate more and more wealth.

Where does Capital X store my money?

We store all assets in our passively managed portfolios in the industries most secure method which is cold storage. All assets that are actively managed and traded are only stored on the most secure exchange, and require multiple forms of identification to be accessed

How do I invest in the fund?

The Capital X Fund is a private fund, where investors are usually accepted on an invite only basis. If you are interested or someone has referred you to our fund, you can send us an email capitalxfund@gmail.com